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Restaurant Etiquette in Israel

Israel restaurants


Most restaurants will have menus in both Hebrew and English. You simply need to ask for an English menu while you are being seated or ordering.

Check Please!

It is considered rude in Israel for a waiter to bring the check before the customer asks for it. When you are ready to leave, you can either ask for the check or motion for the check using a writing hand gesture. Restaurants usually do not provide separate checks.


It is safe to drink tap water throughout Israel. However, the water in Jerusalem and near the Dead Sea might contain particulate, so you might prefer bottled water in those regions. Unlike restaurants in the United States, you might occasionally need to ask for water with your meal at restaurants.


Tipping is discretionary but expected in restaurants in Israel. In restaurants, tips usually range between 10-15% depending on the quality of the service. If you plan to tip by credit card, you must specify the tip before the wait-staff charges the card as there is not a section on the receipt to add the tip. In bars, typically a few shekels will suffice depending on the complexity of the drink order.

B'tei Avon! (Bon appetite)

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